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    What is RCA?

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    In the reliability wear test industry, RCA paper tape is often used for wear resistance. What is the meaning and origin of the specific RCA? However, many people do not understand, the following Peng Jie Xiaobian for everyone to explain the origin of the RCA process:

    RCA refers to the American radio company, R is the initial letter of Radio, refers to the radio; C is the Corporation, the company; A is America, the United States.

    RCA is the first company to address the needs and applications of RCA tape friction machines. RCA developed the original design of the friction machine and came to Norman Tool to improve the design and become a commonly used work test instrument. Since then, RCA has become a well-known product of Norman Tool and has become the company's logo.

    The RCA friction machine was originally used to test RCA's TV switch knobs. Later Norman Tool acquired the trademark rights of the RCA tape friction machine.

    Because RCA tape friction machine has excellent ability in friction test on tiny letter surface and non-flat surface, it is widely used in plastic surface coating wear resistance test, mostly used for mobile phone button printing, mobile phone case, MP3, CD player, laptop computer. , PDA, computer case and other products.

    The media/test consumables required for the RCA wear tester are: RCA tapes produced by Norman Tool, USA.