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    NameDrop-testing machine

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    Drop-testing machine

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    Brand: PENGJIE

    Model:  PJ-LC1000


    Description of Production

    This machine is a special drop weight testing machine for the reliability of Huawei and its industry. The structure and principle meet the requirements of Huawei's reliability benchmark. The key components of this machine are imported from Japan and South Korea.

    They have reliable performance and are equipped with drop accessories; It is convenient, flexible and practical. The design of the fuselage fully considers the operator's habits. The fuselage is equipped with a standard scale, which can flexibly adjust the test height, which is convenient to meet the test requirements of different customers; make your tests accurate and productive.

    Fully considering the safety of the operation, the body is specially equipped with a protective door, which eliminates the occurrence of the unsafe factors of the second drop caused by the falling hammer; the machine is also suitable for lenses, plastics, ceramics, acrylic, glass fiber in other industries Fastness of other materials and test coatings.


    Method of operation:

    Place the drop weight at a height of 1000mm and start the on-off valve to release the drop weight instantly. The drop weight will be tested for free fall and impact the surface of the parts. The drop height can be adjusted up and down, and a height scale is attached to know the drop height of the parts. Make your experiment accurate and productive. The desktop-type drop-weight testing machine is exquisite in design, elegant in appearance, and easy to operate. It is a designated drop weight test machine for reliability testing of Huawei and its industry.

    Technical Parameters:

    1. The weight of standard drop weight is 300g, 500g (the weight can also be selected according to customer needs)

    2. Overall size: 370mm * 480mm * 1300mm Studio size: 300mm * 300mm

    3. Drop height 20 ~ 1000mm Drop height scale minimum indication 1mm

    4. Power supply voltage: 220V; 50 / 60HZ.

    5. Equipment weight: about 40kg

    Customize:Drop-testing machine

    telephone:+86-0769-81900086 Email:szpengjie@szpengjie.com Address:3rd Floor, Building D, Zhongchuang Zhiyuan, Bihu Avenue, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City (Division)