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    NameFalling ball impact testing machine

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    Falling ball impact testing machine

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    Falling ball impact testing machine

    Brand: PENGJIE

    Model:  PJ-LQ1500


    Description of Production

    The steel ball with a specified weight is adjusted to a certain height to make it fall freely, hit the sample, and judge the quality according to the degree of damage.

    Suitable for plastics, ceramics, acrylic, glass and other materials and the fastness of coatings.


    Impact ball impact testing machine for plastics, ceramics, acrylic, glass, lenses, metal  products such as the impact strength test.

    The test product on the test table, the provisions of the weight of the ball from the provisions of the drop height free fall on the product, the impact of the product, and then check the appearance of the product and all aspects of performance. The machine test plastics, ceramics, acrylic, glass weaving and other materials and coatings firmness.


    The machine to a certain weight of steel ball adjusted at a certain height, the ball free fall hit the test sample, depending on the extent of damage, in order to determine the quality of the test product, the device by the vast number of manufacturers praise, is A more ideal test equipment.


    Specification :

    Maximum drop height:  1.5 meters

    Ball weight:   110G、130G、175G、225G

    Protection device:  anti-collision heat sheet on both sides

    Control mode: electronically controlled falling ball

    Power supply 1, AC220V, 1A

    Sample size: 350X175MM 350X235MM

    Machine volume: 565 * 400 * 1560mm

    Machine weight: about 35kg

    Customize:Falling ball impact testing machine

    telephone:+86-0769-81900086 Email:szpengjie@szpengjie.com Address:3rd Floor, Building D, Zhongchuang Zhiyuan, Bihu Avenue, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City (Division)