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    NameFully automatic bending tester

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    Fully automatic bending tester

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    Fully automatic bending tester

    Brand: PENGJIE

    Model:  PJ-WZ-3


    Description of Production

    Mobile phone bending test machine can meet the needs of various workpieces by changing the bending machine mold!

    This instrument is suitable for bending and bending tests of various rubbers and plastics, depending on its effect of cracking, toughness, stability, durability, and beautiful appearance. It is a bending test machine specially developed for bending mobile phone shells.


    Operation method:

    1. First put the phone case to be tested under the fixture and lock the case.

    2. Select the angle to be tested according to the actual requirements. At this time, click the ‘operation screen’ on the screen to enter the operation screen to complete the setting of the bending angle, bending speed, and other parameters.

    3. Click the 'Start' button after the setting is completed, the instrument starts to press down on the shell to bend, and the pressure bar of the device automatically resets after the test.

    4. Take out the tested sample and judge the test result.

    5. In an emergency, press the emergency stop button directly.

    6. After the test, power off and shut down.


    Technical Parameters




    0-18 °/ S touch screen arbitrarily set

    Bending angle:

    0-180 ° arbitrary setting on touch screen

    Scale stroke of pressure rod:

    0 ~ 100mm (adjustable)

    Test method:


    Test width:


    Test axis:


    Overall size:

    520 * 450 * 540

    Customize:Fully automatic bending tester

    telephone:+86-0769-81900086 Email:szpengjie@szpengjie.com Address:3rd Floor, Building D, Zhongchuang Zhiyuan, Bihu Avenue, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City (Division)