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    ROSLER, Germany

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    NameROSLER Compound FC120

    Service Hotline :+86-0769-81900086
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    ROSLER Compound FC120

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    Shelf life: 24 (months);
    PH value: 7.0;
    Fragrance type: None;
    Brand: ROSLER Germany;
    Model: FC120;
    Function: Lubrication, cleaning, test solution, auxiliary vibration and friction tester and test abrasive test.

    Customize:ROSLER Compound FC120

    telephone:+86-0769-81900086 Email:szpengjie@szpengjie.com Address:3rd Floor, Building D, Zhongchuang Zhiyuan, Bihu Avenue, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City (Division)